Untapped Ventures joins Global Startup Studio Network to help people self-actualize at work

Untapped Ventures joins Global Startup Studio Network to help people self-actualize at work

Published: 05-05-2021 12:42:55 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 765 | Tags:

Untapped Ventures (Untapped) announced it has been accepted in the exclusive Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) community. The partnership with GSSN and its curated connections to founders, investors, and other studios will help Untapped as it is scaling quickly and actively growing its studio and fund teams, and, building its community of founders, investors, corporates, partners, and advisors. 

This community and the resources shared within are highly valuable and as such, the membership criteria is very selective. While there are close to 600 startup studios globally, Untapped is one of only 20 GSSN studios in the U.S., and one of only 37 globally. 

Pat Riley, CEO, GSSN: "We are excited to welcome Untapped into the GSSN community. Their studio expertise and unique build/invest focus in Future of Work ventures is impressive. Untapped has built studio success quickly which shows their commitment to their mission, pace of execution, and building strong ties with our community quickly. We look forward to seeing George and his Untapped team create amazing ventures that help humans live their best lives through work."

George Bandarian, Founder and CEO, Untapped: "I launched Untapped in June 2020 during the heart of the pandemic on the same day my 3rd son was born because I saw that work as we know it had changed forever. People were suffering and there were hundreds of new problems to solve for both employers and employees. I'm very proud of our team working tirelessly and achieving this milestone of acceptance into GSSN will help us accelerate our impact."

Untapped is fueled by its founder's massively transformative life purpose to help people achieve breakthroughs and self-actualize at and through work, where people spend the majority of waking hours, more so now than ever. Untapped calls this the New Future of Work.

After a successful multi-million dollar exit of his last tech company in 2018, George created Untapped to achieve this impact at scale and with a simple formula: build and invest in venture-scale companies focused on the New Future of Work mission.