Vietnam's blockchain gaming startup Ancient8 raises $6m to build infrastructure software for GameFi

Vietnam's blockchain gaming startup Ancient8 raises $6m to build infrastructure software for GameFi

Published: 09-06-2022 12:33:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 319 | Tags:

Ancient8, a GameFi infrastructure developer and Vietnam's largest blockchain gaming guild and community, announced the completion of a $6 million private round of financing led by Makers Fund and C² Ventures, with participation from existing and new investors Pantera Capital, 6th Man Ventures, IOSG Ventures, Folius Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, Th3ia Capital, Sky9 Capital, and Play Ventures, among others.

Founded in July 2021, Ancient8 is building software to create infrastructure for GameFi, with a focus on community and software. Ancient8 helps GameFi studios identify high quality gamers and run Web3-native targeted advertising through the Ancient8 GameFi Identity product and Ancient8 Launchpads. For gamers and crypto communities, Ancient8 helps them create their GameFi identity profile, track and showcase their achievements in Web3, discover high quality blockchain games, access guild scholarships, and learn about blockchain more effectively.

Howard Xu, Co-founder, Ancient8: "As we strive towards our vision to democratize social and financial access in the Metaverse, Ancient8 is building infrastructure for GameFi and the Metaverse to empower community members through the blockchain. We will continue to expand our product offerings, partner with more innovative projects and games, and grow our influence and reach with a large global community. As cultivators of the first native generation of Metaverse citizens, we are excited to be building the foundational infrastructure that will drive mainstream GameFi adoption."

With a mission to reach, educate, and empower the first native generation of Metaverse citizens on the blockchain,  Ancient8 has built an active community of 200K+ members, providing GameFi education through the Ancient8 Blog, Twitter, Discord, and Ancient8 Research Portal—the first institutional-grade research portal for GameFi. Ancient8 manages the largest blockchain gaming guild in Vietnam with 3,500+ scholars using their own guild management software, and has partnered with 25+ top GameFi projects to date, including Axie Infinity, CyBall, Phantom Galaxies, Bigtime, Tatsumeeko, Delysium, Blast Royale, Apeiron, Angelic and many more.

Lia Zhang, Investor, Makers Fund: "As long-term gaming investors, we're excited about ideas and teams that help shape the future of interactive entertainment for years to come. We've already begun to see stronger games teams build in web3, and believe that the community and software infrastructure that Ancient8 builds will continue to play an instrumental role in the development of lasting games."

With this round of financing, Ancient8 will accelerate the development of the infrastructure for GameFi and the Metaverse by building the next generation of software products, community, and guild. Ancient8 is developing a number of GameFi infrastructure software products designed to underpin the future of blockchain-based game development. In the coming months, Ancient8 will launch a GameFi Identity product and a pair of GameFi Token and NFT Launchpads designed to enhance the go-to-market strategy of Web3 games. Ancient8 will use these products to connect top blockchain games with its deeply engaged global community of GameFi enthusiasts and enable users to enjoy the most intuitive experience possible in the world of Web3.

Ciara Sun, General Partner, C² Ventures: "As more game studios enter the Web3 era—both established and independent—Ancient8's guild, community, and software infrastructure are poised to play an instrumental role in the mainstream acceptance of GameFi, making it easier for new titles to thrive on the blockchain while delivering tangible value to gaming communities with its full suite of services and support features."