WNS launches a suite of banking solutions to drive scalable operations for fintechs

WNS launches a suite of banking solutions to drive scalable operations for fintechs

Published: 03-12-2021 15:50:12 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 622 | Tags:

WNS, a provider of global Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, has announced the launch of WNS FINSIBLE, a suite of banking solutions enabling FinTechs to efficiently streamline, manage and scale operations.

FINSIBLE covers the entire end-to-end value chain of banking processes, including deposits and payments, lending, risk & compliance, customer service and advisory services. The offering is modular, customizable and scalable to address the needs of FinTech clients regardless of their operational maturity.

By partnering with WNS, FinTechs are able to “co-create” solutions that deliver robust operational control and governance, cost optimization, regulatory compliance and fast-track digital transformation.

FINSIBLE combines advanced analytics and state-of-the-art technology tools and platforms with WNS’ FinTech banking expertise and a robust information security framework. The solution suite enables FinTechs to focus on their core competencies – driving innovation, ensuring faster go-to-market for products and services, and penetrating newer markets.

Keshav R. Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS:  “FinTechs have evolved as major players in the global economy as the demand for their services, tools and platforms continue to soar. Their potential to modernize traditional processes, enhance customer experience and improve financial inclusion is immense. WNS FINSIBLE allows FinTechs to focus on the big picture by enabling scalability and efficiently managing operational heavy-lifting.”

WNS FINSIBLE can be tailored to the client’s specific stage of operational maturity including inception, growth and expansion. For FinTechs in the inception stage, the offering accelerates startup by helping design new processes, map regulatory requirements, and establish operational controls and risk management.

As FinTechs rapidly grow, operations can be further transformed by leveraging increased automation, analytics and performance management measures. Lastly, for FinTechs looking to expand, the solution enables rapid scalability, conformance to new regulations, and next-level transformation through hyperautomation and analytics-led insights.