Web3 startup Tonsnipe raises $100K to build a token and NFT aggregator on Ton blockchain

Web3 startup Tonsnipe raises $100K to build a token and NFT aggregator on Ton blockchain

Published: 21-12-2022 07:44:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 3883 | Tags:

Tonsnipe, a web3 startup building on The Open Network has closed a $100K private funding round to develop a Ton blockchain-based native token and NFT aggregator.

Bill BlackCo-founder of Tonsnipe speaking about the private seed round which lasted for just 5 days said he is excited on the value Tonsnipe is bringing to the Ton ecosystem, stating that the seed round will enable the company to launch the project development, hire and onboard key developers and also bring more enthusiasts into the Ton blockchain space.

Tonsnipe when launched will enable Ton enthusiasts looking to join native token presales and NFT mints on the Ton blockchain to have a detailed, concise and  graphical representation of crucial information about each Ton native asset, displaying information like contract audit, token information, social media stats and much more.

The platform is in it’s early stages of development with the initial product clickable prototype to be released before the end of December. Some advanced features of Tonsnipe like advanced token filtering options, added-value metrics, dark mode, presale and NFT pre-mint whitelisting will be limited to members who have a balance of the Tonsnipe utility token $TNS in their wallet.

The $TNS is the utility / governance token of the Tonsnipe platform and holders will be able to utilize the token on the Tonsnipe platform in multiple ways like access to advance metrics, staking to earn more rewards in $TNS tokens, governance and be able to create or vote on proposals that will affect the Tonsnipe ecosystem.

The $TNS token presale is currently on-going and will present an opportunity for the Ton community to acquire tonsnipe tokens at lower entry points before getting listed on a major Ton Dex and multiple centralized exchanges. $TNS Presale Details are:  Presale Allocation: 150,000 $TNS (15%); Presale Price: 1 Ton = 2 $TNS and Minimum Buy: 200 TON. Early adopters who wish to join the Tonsnipe token presale can do so here.

The presale will last for a period of 30 days, followed by the public sale and subsequent listing on Ston.fi, a decentralized exchange on the ton blockchain. In addition to getting $TNS tokens at a lower rate, presale participants will also be eligible to become early ambassadors of Tonsnipe and earn a free Ambassador NFT badge to show their early commitment to Tonsnipe.