Wellness startup Even raises $1.5m to launch solution to replenish nutrients, manage side effects from medication use

Wellness startup Even raises $1.5m to launch solution to replenish nutrients, manage side effects from medication use

Published: 19-03-2021 11:24:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 745 | Tags:

Even, the solution for medication-induced nutrient depletions (MIND), announced its brand launch and $1.5 million seed funding led by Align Ventures, Spring Street Group and GAN Ventures.

As the first commercially-available nutrition repletion therapy, Even introduces a revolutionary approach to mitigate negative symptoms of essential medications. The wellness startup is on a mission to enrich medication users' daily quality of life by restoring the nutrients depleted by common medications through its three scientifically-designed products: Even for Birth Control, Even for Antidepressants, and Even for Statins.

Daily side effects of birth control, antidepressants, and statins often include: nausea, fatigue, mood swings, headaches, weight gain, breakouts, low libido and more. These negative symptoms may be the result of nutritional imbalances as medications deplete the body of key nutrients. Even offers medical foods backed by decades of known medication-nutrient research, and designed by a team of physicians, nutritionists and pharmacists who envisioned a path to restoring nutritional balance.

Even's patent-pending formulas function as medications' nutrient partners - containing the exact active ingredients needed to meet users' unique nutrient needs and balance their biochemistry. Across the product line of three medical foods, Even targets the replenishment of key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, mitochondrial nutrients and more specific to each medication category. 

Sarah Morgan, Co-founder and CEO, Even: "In my 13 years of working with patients, I heard the same side effects over and over from patients using certain medications. Once I looked into their bloodwork, a pattern emerged: the same glaring nutrient depletions and biochemical imbalances appeared in patients using the same medications. We've heard the patients, done the research, and put in the work knowing millions of people can take the medications they need while avoiding nutrient depletions and corresponding symptoms."

With 70% of Americans currently taking medication, up to 50% of those people stop taking their prescriptions within one year, with the top reason being negative side effects which may be related to nutrient depletions. These problems may be reduced by properly managing nutrient depletions of medications.

Even is available via subscription for qualifying users on a monthly or quarterly basis, starting at $35. Products are shipped in a first of its kind 100% recyclable aluminum refill container designed by Even to eliminate single use plastic bottles.