Zimbabwe agritech startup Farmhut secures investment to scale operations

Zimbabwe agritech startup Farmhut secures investment to scale operations

Published: 30-03-2021 15:25:13 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 1460 | Tags:

Zimbabwe agritech startup Farmhut has received $US100 000 investment from the Hult Prize Foundation. This follows through the Hult Prize accelerator program of the 2020 cohort.

Farmhut is an AI-powered marketplace connecting farmers to markets that pay fair prices for their produce. It enables farmers to grow their business fast, throughout the year and ensures consumers get fresh, local, and sustainably grown food from small producers in their local area.

This raise comes at a point when Farmhut is expanding on its product offering and user base. Farmhut currently offers farmers an online marketplace for them to meet with buyers. Given that the target is mostly remote, this funding will go a long way to address this inclusivity gap.

Ryan Katayi, CEO,Farmhut: ” This investment is not just for Farmhut. It goes to all the farmers toiling every day to put a meal on the table. It sets the stage for us to take our revolutionary solution to the rest of the world.”

 Farmhut Team happily announces the launch of its new user-friendly and easy to access platform that lets farmers sell directly to consumers. To add on, the Farmhut Team is launching a WhatsApp-based chatbot, uMudhumeni that will address the connectivity challenge most farmers in Zimbabwe face. Farmers will now be able to sign up to the Farmhut platform, learn about farming, receive quotations, and get the help of virtual agronomists.

Farmhut is one of the straight from the farm marketplace in Zimbabwe. It is an online platform whose mission is to disrupt the food supply systems across Africa. Sunday Mail.

The Farmhut team emphasizes that they will remain committed to helping farmers from the production sector up to the distribution of their products preventing post-harvest losses.