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Tembo secures $14m funding to fuel Postgres ecosystem growth
Published: 05-07-2024 | 13:51:00 | By: Pie Kamau

The city of Antwerp is a gateway to global success, Plug and Play
Published: 04-07-2024 | 09:57:00 | By: Pie Kamau

iVerify closes $12m funding to transform mobile security
Published: 04-07-2024 | 08:39:00 | By: Pie Kamau

Yunity launches IMAGINE to revolutionize AI and deep tech startups
Published: 02-07-2024 | 10:40:00 | By: Pie Kamau

HydroX AI closes $4m angel funding round, launches EPASS
Published: 26-06-2024 | 08:20:00 | By: Pie Kamau

Nicole Perlroth joins Ballistic Ventures as Venture Partner
Published: 20-06-2024 | 13:49:00 | By: Pie Kamau

Merlin Ventures appoints Andrew Smeaton as CISO-in-Residence
Published: 18-06-2024 | 13:12:31 | By: Pie Kamau

Fizz raises $14.4m to help Gen Z build credit for the future
Published: 07-06-2024 | 10:42:00 | By: Pie Kamau

Scout Ventures closes Fund IV at $94 million
Published: 02-05-2024 | 13:57:00 | By: Pie Kamau

Crosslink launches tenth flagship venture fund with $350 million
Published: 23-04-2024 | 16:51:53 | By: Bob Koigi
Crosslink remains dedicated to investing in early-stage founders from inception, which includes pre-seed and seed, through Series A, and supporting them at every stage of their growth.

IFC invests $10.5 million in new 4DX Ventures Fund to support tech startups in Africa
Published: 19-04-2024 | 17:15:53 | By: Bob Koigi
Africa is among the regions least served by venture capital, receiving just 2% of global venture deal volume in the third quarter of 2023.

Aramco expands global venture capital programme with $4 billion funds injection
Published: 19-04-2024 | 17:13:42 | By: Bob Koigi
It will take Aramco's overall venture capital allocation to $7.5bn, which also includes the $500 million venture capital fund Wa'ed Ventures that focuses on the start-up ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

HAVAÍC leads a R12 million investment in South African startup RNR
Published: 19-04-2024 | 17:07:51 | By: Bob Koigi
South African-born RNR provides truck fleet managers and truck OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with on-demand breakdown support.

Somite raises $5.3m to incorporate AI in stem cell therapy
Published: 18-04-2024 | 14:03:00 | By: Pie Kamau

Alethea raises $20m Series B funding to mitigate disinformation
Published: 15-04-2024 | 14:27:00 | By: Pie Kamau

e-Commerce startup Uzum becomes first tech unicorn in Uzbekistan
Published: 28-03-2024 | 12:10:00 | By: Pie Kamau

Defense startup Picogrid raises $12m to connect defense systems
Published: 28-03-2024 | 09:15:00 | By: Pie Kamau

Fuel Me secures $18m Series A funding to redefine fuel procurement
Published: 22-03-2024 | 12:28:00 | By: Pie Kamau

Tech startup Artie raises $3.3m to solve database replication
Published: 20-02-2024 | 13:24:00 | By: Pie Kamau

Boat Planet raises $1.2m seed funding to accelerate growth
Published: 16-02-2024 | 11:46:00 | By: Pie Kamau