[Interview] Fedir Kompaniiets, CEO, Gart Solutions, Ukraine

[Interview] Fedir Kompaniiets, CEO, Gart Solutions, Ukraine

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Gart Solutions is a provider of comprehensive DevOps solutions, dedicated to helping businesses streamline their software development processes and achieve operational excellence. The company has worked with over 100 brands, helping them to achieve efficiency and productivity through their tools. The CEO & Co-Founder Fedir Kompaniiets explains.

Tell us about your company?

We're a DevOps and Cloud services provider that started operations in 2020. Before COVID, we rented an office in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine. However, with the onset of the war, we transitioned entirely to online operations.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

Gart Solutions was founded by Roman Burdiuzha and Fedir Kompaniiets

Fedir Kompaniiets, CEO & Co-Founder of Gart Solutions, started in IT as a Systems Administrator in 2006. With diverse roles, he gained expertise in DevOps and software engineering. His career highlights include co-founding Gart Solutions, focusing on DevOps solutions for business success, serving as DevOps Principal Lead at Ciklum for 4 years and 7 months, working as a DevOps Engineer at N-iX for 1 year and 3 months and prior roles at SoftServe and Astelit, TM life as a DevOps Engineer and Senior System Administrator, respectively.

Fedir emphasizes team alignment with business objectives and takes pride in providing practical solutions. Outside work, he enjoys sports, time with loved ones, self-development, charity, and seeking inner peace.

Roman Burdiuzha, Co-Founder & CTO at Gart Solutions, brings a wealth of experience in DevOps and Cloud Solutions. His professional journey includes:

Gart Solutions (Co-Founder, CTO): Roman co-founded Gart Solutions, focusing on delivering reliable DevOps and Cloud Solutions to businesses.

SoftServe (DevOps Architect): Worked for 5 years and 3 months as a DevOps Architect.

elunic AG (DevOps Consultant): Spent 1 year and 1 month as a DevOps Consultant.

MobiChord (Product Owner): Worked for 8 months as a Product Owner.

lifecell Ukraine (Manager of Enterprise Applications Operations Team): Dedicated 5 years and 10 months to managing the Enterprise Applications Operations Team.

ProCredit Bank (Banking and Payment Systems Administrator): Worked for 2 years and 4 months in banking and payment systems administration.

Roman's expertise spans team and project management, DevOps, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker containers, GCP and Azure Clouds, Windows and Linux administration, and MS SQL. He is dedicated to bringing solutions to life and continuously optimizing them based on client feedback. Outside of work, Roman enjoys boxing, traveling, hiking, skiing, sailing, and lifelong learning.

How is Gart Solutions financed?

Our company is self-financed by the two partners, Roman Burdiuzha and Fedir Kompaniiets. They gathered the initial capital to start the business and currently remain the sole investors in the company.           

What, in your opinion, are the dynamics of the Information Technology industry?

In general, the IT industry is quite promising. We provide DevOps & Cloud services, and currently, there is a significant demand for these services.

For instance, many European banks are currently migrating to the cloud. Additionally, numerous companies are considering their sustainability and carbon footprint. Cloud migration is seen as a way to significantly reduce carbon footprint.

On the flip side, we are living in a period of global stagnation, and the war poses challenges to businesses in Ukraine. Our clients mainly consist of European and American businesses, and they often express concerns about our ability to provide quality services given the situation in our country. We are committed to demonstrating to our clients that we are a reliable service provider, striving to deliver quality services despite the challenges.

Why did you start Gart Solutions? What opportunities did you see?               

Our founders, Roman Burdiuzha and Fedir Kompaniiets, accumulated diverse experience in the DevOps field before deciding to establish their own company. They worked with various clients, primarily in the enterprise sector. However, they recognized a growing need for DevOps services in the mid-sized business segment, which presented a significant opportunity.

Seeing the demand for DevOps solutions beyond the enterprise level, Roman and Fedir decided to start their own company. Gart Solutions aims to bridge the gap by providing DevOps and Cloud services tailored not only for large enterprises but also for smaller businesses seeking reliable and efficient solutions.

What problem or problems does Gart Solutions solve?              

Gart Solutions specializes in addressing critical business challenges through our DevOps services. Here's how we bring business value:

  • We ensure that your client's IT infrastructure remains stable and reliable, minimizing downtime and disruptions to their business operations.
  • By streamlining and automating development and operational processes, we boost efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and enhance overall productivity.
  • Our DevOps practices are designed to help your client make the most of their IT investments, minimizing unnecessary costs and maximizing the return on investment.
  • We facilitate smooth migration to the cloud, enabling your client's business to leverage scalable and flexible cloud solutions. This not only enhances performance but also contributes to long-term cost savings.
  • Our expertise in infrastructure architecture ensures that your client's IT foundation is well-designed, meeting current needs and adapting seamlessly to future growth and technological advancements.


What gives Gart Solutions the competitive edge?

 In essence, Gart Solutions distinguishes itself by being a dedicated partner focused on simplifying IT operations, reducing costs, and fostering the stable growth of our clients' businesses.

.We go beyond being a vendor; we strive to be a trusted partner for our clients, offering a collaborative approach to address their specific needs.

Gart Solutions is dedicated to making IT operations easier and more cost-efficient for our clients. We focus on streamlining processes and optimizing costs to ensure long-term stability and growth.

Our primary goal is to help clients save money on their IT operations while ensuring the reliability and performance of their systems.

Who are your customers?

Gart Solutions primarily caters to a diverse clientele spanning the technology, financial, and healthcare sectors. Our client base includes:

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs): Organizations aiming to enhance their IT infrastructure and streamline DevOps processes for improved efficiency.

Startups: Companies in their early stages requiring support in configuring and scaling their cloud solutions.

Large Enterprises: Established businesses looking to transition to the cloud or optimize their existing cloud environments for increased performance.

In terms of buyer personas, our services are particularly relevant to:

CTOs, CIOs, IT Directors: Technical leaders seeking solutions to enhance the efficiency and security of their IT infrastructure.

While we can provide specific company names, some of our notable clients include Spiral Science, SoundCampaign, BeyondRisk, and S-Cube. For a more comprehensive understanding of our work, you can explore additional case studies on our website.

What does Gart Solutions need in order to grow?

To foster growth, our company is actively seeking new clients from diverse industries and geographic locations. The success of our services is amplified by positive feedback from our current clients, making satisfied testimonials a crucial aspect of our business. We place significant emphasis on review platforms such as Clutch to showcase our capabilities and build trust with potential clients. Expanding our client base, particularly in new niches and regions, is a key driver for the continued growth of our company.

What is your growth strategy?  

Our growth strategy at Gart Solutions encompasses several key elements:

  • Geographic Expansion

In response to the challenges posed by the ongoing war in Ukraine, we are strategically focusing on attracting clients from international markets. Our goal is to have 99% of our clients located abroad to diversify risks and ensure a stable business environment.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Satisfied clients play a pivotal role in our growth strategy. We prioritize delivering exceptional service to garner positive reviews, enhancing our reputation and credibility in the market.

  • Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating with strategic partners remains a key focus. Through these partnerships, we aim to tap into new networks, markets, and potential clients, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Marketing and Brand Visibility

Investing in effective marketing strategies and increasing our online and offline presence is vital. This not only raises awareness about Gart Solutions but also attracts a wider audience.

  • Employee Development

Our team's skills and motivation are critical for growth. We invest in employee training, skill development, and job satisfaction to ensure we have the expertise required to meet client demands.

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

Geographically, our company harbors ambitions to establish a robust presence in Europe, Israel, the United States, and Canada. However, our overarching strategy prioritizes aligning with potential client companies rather than focusing solely on their geographical location. This approach ensures that our expansion efforts are driven by the specific needs and opportunities presented by businesses, regardless of their physical location.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

In the coming 12 months, we have extensive marketing activities planned. We aim to participate in at least six niche conferences in Europe. Our participation in these events is strategically planned well in advance, with clear objectives set for each, and a detailed action plan outlined. Additionally, we are actively promoting the personal brand of our founders.

In the services and B2B sector, establishing a personal connection is crucial, as individuals sell to individuals. The personal reputation of the company's owners holds significant weight in this industry, and we are actively working on enhancing it.



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